Employment Inclusion Counseling

"We support and accompany you on your path to finding employment. Our means of choice are coaching and individual counseling. It is very important to us that your wishes and goals are taken into consideration and that we develop a strategy together, to get you (back) in the labor market. Our counseling is free of charge."

Our offer for you

During our first meeting (in person or video call) we talk about your current situation. Your individual career expectations and wishes are the main focus, while we search for the best way to support you. In the following counseling sessions, we evaluate which skills, knowledge and general resources you have and how these can be built upon and developed. We always keep your needs in mind and take the time you need.

Counseling subjects

We can talk about and tackle these subjects with you:

  • Individual development of career prospects and expectations depending on your skills and qualification
  • Coaching on application processes and job interviews
  • Personal challenges
  • Development and strengthening of your individual skills for a job
  • Advancement of your personal and occupational mobility
  • Support in dealing with your disability and empowerment for a positive attitude towards it
  • Addressing the impact of your disability on your employment
  • General placement support, for example sifting through employment ads, getting in contact with potential employers if needed

How to take part

We are able to counsel you if the following applies to you:

  • You live in the city of Mainz, in the district Mainz-Bingen or Alzey-Worms
  • You are currently unemployed or your employment may be terminated
  • You have a certified severe disability or an equivalent status
  • Alternatively, you are or have recently been in medical specialist care (neurology, psychiatry, psychotherapy) due to psychological stress/mental illness
  • Or you are currently going through the application process for a severe disability certification or an equivalent status for your disability

Duration of our offer

We can decide about the duration and frequency of your counseling together. We will take the time necessary, without any pressure or expectations. How long you want to be using our counseling service is up to you. However, by no later than when you enter an employment where you’re required to make social security payments, our counseling is completed.

Funding for the project “inclusion counseling”

The funding is provided by the state office for social affairs, youth and care (Landesamt für Soziales, Jugend und Versorgung Rheinland-Pfalz).

How to reach us

Tamara Kaspari (project management)
Telephone: 0 61 31 / 14 67 4 - 420
E-Mail: t.kaspari(at)zsl-mainz.de 

Giulia Ising-Thiel
Telephone: 0 61 31 / 14 67 4 - 580
E-Mail: g.ising-thiel(at)zsl-mainz.de 

Georgios Peskelidis
Telephone: 0 61 31 / 14 67 4 - 590
E-Mail: g.peskelidis(at)zsl-mainz.de