Supported living

“Living independently in one’s own home, that is our goal at supported living. We offer counseling and support, in order to live independently. We support you in whatever area you need, may it be budgeting, dealing with money or doctor’s visits. Our team consists of professionals with years of experience in supporting people with disabilities. Don’t hesitate to contact us to learn more about our work.”

Living independently in one’s own apartment

Would you like to be the one deciding how and where you live? Could you use some support to make that happen? Then supported living is the right place for you. Supported living helps you get the support you need in the respective areas of life, so that you can live independently and comfortably in your own home.

We accompany you while you fulfill your wish for independence. The CIL Mainz feels strongly about values such as independence, empowerment and inclusion. That’s why we have a team of professionals with work and life experience in this area.

Which support do we offer exactly?

Supported living offers help for more independence and self-determination, meaning that the support and help is tailored to your needs in various areas of life.

We want to support you, so that you can decide and carry out as many things as possible by yourself.

Our support covers multiple areas, especially ones to do with your daily life. This could entail guidance with housekeeping tasks (e.g. cooking, doing the laundry, shopping), but also with finding recreational activities. The handling of money and the comprehension of mail, banking, as well as applications at the social services administration are other examples. After the social services office has approved the financing, we also support you with finding (accessible) housing.

To make sure that the different support systems work seamlessly, we offer the so-called Case Management. This means: We make sure you receive the various benefits you need for living independently in your own apartment.

This includes help with the application for a personal budget. A personal budget is money from the social services administration which you can use to pay for the support you personally feel would benefit you.

The specific areas we support you in are:

  • The application for personal budgets
  • Finding (accessible) housing
  • The correspondence and visits with authorities, banks, doctors, landlords, etc.
  • Organizing assistance and care
  • The search for recreational activities
  • Housekeeping and budgeting
  • Dealing with conflicts (eg. with family, a partner, at work)
  • In a stressful situation or crisis
  • The application for benefits for additional help and support options

Who pays for Supported Living?

The funding for Supported Living is usually provided by the responsible body of the integration assistance. This could be the Social Benefits Office for example. The costs are part of the integration assistance benefits under the ninth social code (Sozialgesetzbuch IX). These benefits are meant to make life as a part of society easier for persons with disabilities and to enable and improve participation.

How do I get the help from Supported Living?

After the application has been submitted to the responsible body of the integration assistance, the responsible office will talk to you in person about your personal requirements. After the office has granted a cost commitment we can start planning and start supporting you.

We are happy to inform you in advance (in person or via telephone) about the possibilities of Supported Living and the path from your application to our support.

How to contact us?

Faruk Yücekent (project manager)
Telephone: 0 61 31 / 14 67 4 - 470
Fax: 0 61 31 / 14 67 4 - 440
E-Mail: f.yuecekent(at)