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“The CIL Mainz is standing up in various ways for equality, self-determination and participation of persons with disabilities. Advocacy is an important pillar of our work.”

We represent all persons with disabilities and chronic illnesses. Our approach is cross-disability. As a non-governmental organization (NGO), we act as a self-advocacy organization independent of party-political, religious, economic and institutional interests. Self-advocacy in this context means that people with disabilities participate in political opinion- and decision-making processes as experts in their own affairs and representing their own interests. True to the motto “Nothing about us without us”, the participation of those affected is an important concern for us.

We are involved in various committees and working groups in and around Mainz. But we are also active in the context of advocacy at state and national level. By commenting on legislative proposals, we bring in the perspective of those affected. The aim here is to consider the diversity of the sometimes-varying interests of persons with disabilities and thus to contribute to a more inclusive society.

By taking steps to raise awareness and with outreach measures, we want to make the interests of persons with disabilities more visible. After all, inclusion is a process for society as a whole.

Raising awareness about the concerns of persons with disabilities is also part of our advocacy. For example, we carry out self-awareness and awareness-raising programs in which we train companies, administrations, associations and initiatives on how inclusion can succeed and how people with and without disabilities can deal with it as a natural matter.