Labor Market Integration

“Work how and where you want, with the necessary support to make it happen: This is the aim of the individual services of the regional office in Bitburg. You don't know in which area your strengths lie and you want to get to know different areas of work? No problem. The services are designed to fit your individual strengths. We will be happy to assist you in finding the right service for you.”

What we offer

The Bitburg-Prüm regional office offers you a variety of tailor-made services for professional integration within the framework of your personal budget. The pedagogical staff is working in a resource-oriented manner. This means that we support you to the extent that you would like.

The services of labor market integration are financed by the Employment Agency, the district administration of the Eifel district Bitburg-Prüm, the Bitburg Job Center, the employers' liability insurance associations or the pension insurance. 

If you are not sure who the responsible cost bearer is in your case, we will be happy to advise you.

We are also happy to support you with the application if you wish.

The aim of all our services is for you to start an employment subject to social insurance which suits you and which you enjoy. 

What specific services do we offer?

Individual in-company qualification analogous to Supported Employment (InbeQ)

This is an offer on behalf of the Employment Agency for people with disabilities or special support needs. Over a period of maximum 24 months, you will get to know different areas of work and get qualified directly in the companies for the work that needs to be done. The goal is to then be transferred and taken on in employment subject to social insurance. An apprenticeship is also an option. The service is resource-oriented and highly individualized. The principle applies: place first, then qualify.


JobBudget is an alternative form of qualification on the general labor market. We are working together with a sheltered workshop for persons with disabilities. The service is aimed at people that have a recommendation to work at a workshop. The aim is to find you a form of employment on the general labor market that is catering to your needs (e.g. external workplace or Budget for Work). Here, too, you will have the opportunity to test yourself and your skills through internships on the general job market. The duration of the service depends on the individual case. It is possible to return to the workshop at any time.


This is a service commissioned by the employers' liability insurance associations or the German Pension Insurance. It is aimed at people who, for various reasons, can no longer carry out their last employment and are now looking for career alternatives. The extent and duration of the support is very individual. It is possible to support application efforts, to organize and accompany company trials, as well as to clarify the need for help and support when resuming work in the respective company.

Follow-up support with Budget for Work

Are you already working on the general labor market using Budget for Work or do you have the opportunity to do so and need further support? Then this service is suitable for you. You will be supported for up to 30 months after the start of the employment contract. Possibilities for support include regular conversations with the company, support in taking on new job duties, awareness of colleagues regarding your support needs, training on topics relevant to the labor market.

Vocational support after Supported Employment §55 paragraph. 2

If you have successfully completed Supported Employment, we can continue to support you. Vocational guidance is usually granted for one year. You will be further strengthened in your personality and your individual skills through targeted support and both you and your colleagues or your employer will have the opportunity to access us if you have any questions or problems.

How to reach us

Beratungsstelle Bitburg-Prüm
Maria-Kundenreich-Str. 4
54634 Bitburg

Angelika Rau (project management)
Telephone: 0 65 61 / 69 43 14 7
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Lena Prinz
Telephone: 0 65 61 / 67 03 80 2
E-Mail: l.prinz(at)

Jennifer Palz
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Andreas Lersch
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