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We counsel persons with disabilities and their family members. We advocate for their equality, self-determination and participation.

We are the CIL

Welcome at the Center for Independent Living for persons with disabilities. We are a non-profit organization that advocates cross-disability for equality, self-determination and participation of persons with disabilities. Our goal is the breakdown of architectural, communicational, and social barriers. With our work in peer counseling, our services and as an advocacy organization we hope to contribute to more inclusion. 

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EUTB - counseling at the CIL Mainz

Welcome at the CIL Mainz independent supplementary participation counseling (EUTB). We offer individual counseling for you and your family members concerning possible services for your social participation. Our counseling is free of charge, independent and in addition to other counseling offers. Counseling with us is done by persons with disabilities for persons with disabilities, following the peer counseling approach

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