Social Participation

"Live the way you want to. We support you in achieving this goal. We offer you professional advice and support. Our support services are as diverse and individual as you are: Supported living, mobility training, help in finding suitable leisure activities, support in dealing with authorities and many other services. Feel free to contact us to learn more about our work and possible services."

What do we offer?

Our services in the area of social participation are as diverse and individual as the people for whom they are intended: Do you need help with shopping, guidance with housekeeping, or is it important to you to be accompanied to doctor's appointments or authorities? Do you want to organize your day in a more structured way or have a more active free time, but you lack motivation? Or maybe you don't really know where to start? Is it important for you to have a person to talk to when you are not feeling so well or would you like more contact with other people (with disabilities)? Do you want to improve your reading and writing skills or do you want to learn to use public transport independently?

Together with you, we will create a support package that suits you and your needs and respects you as an expert on your own behalf.

How do we proceed concretely?

We get to know you in one or more meetings and work with you to determine the help you need. Subsequently, we will support you in applying for the Personal Budget from the responsible cost bearer. If you have received a notification of approval, our support can begin: We will arrange fixed dates with you on which the agreed assistance will take place. Of course, spontaneous appointments are also possible if necessary. During our time together, we regularly discuss with you whether the support is still suitable and how it could be adapted or expanded if necessary.

If you need any other help (e.g. care or assistance), we will be happy to support you with organizing that. Our goal is to provide you with the support you need to shape your life in a self-determined way.

Our offers at a glance

  • Supported living (support in one's own home, accompaniment to appointments, support with shopping, but also relieving conversations)
  • Training to improve your reading and spelling skills
  • Cooking group
  • Training to promote self-esteem
  • Help with structuring the day
  • Inclusive services (e.g. regulars' table)
  • Leisure activities

If you are interested in or have any questions about our services, please do not hesitate to contact us. We look forward to seeing you!

How to reach us

Beratungsstelle Bitburg-Prüm
Maria-Kundenreich-Str. 4
54634 Bitburg

Angelika Rau (project management)
Telephone: 0 65 61 / 69 43 14 7
E-Mail: a.rau(at) 

Lena Prinz
Telephone: 0 65 61 / 67 03 80 2
E-Mail: l.prinz(at) 

Jennifer Palz
Telephone: 0 65 61 / 69 43 14 9
E-Mail: j.palz(at)